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Inner Circle's V.I.P ♕

Until Whenever ∞

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V.I.P, Until Whenever 👑 | INNER CIRCLE || JYJ

• I don’t bite.
• BIGBANG are my KINGS. WINNER are my PRINCES. And JYJ are my endorphins.
• I am Dong Youngbae's wife, he, hands down, owns my soul. But... but Kim fxcking, beautiful Jaejoong is my guilty pleasure and he holds my life in his hands. Ugh. Luckily, my boy, Kang Seungyoon keeps my sanity intact. Sigh.
• I stan GDYB above everything else. As much as they ship themselves. HAHA.
• But then... there's Yunjae.. and Soulfighters.. and Soulmates. And and... MinYoon.. and 2Seung. Cries.
• I have a twitter, just in case you're interested. :)
• I’d like to learn how to make graphics (someone please teach me!).
• I speak 2 languages, sarcasm and blunt truth. English is very difficult for me, so please have mercy on my horrible grammar. 😆
• I love, LOVE, reading fan fictions. I am amazed at those scenarios fans come up with.
• And did I say I don’t bite? I really don’t. I am as good as a dragon and as cute as a lion, so let’s be friends! 😊
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